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About e-school ERP (a one-stop school automation ERP software)

e-school ERP provides an end-to-end cloud management solution for schools. Our most comprehensive ERP platform meets all of the school's demands via a variety of modules. Our ERP software also helps build strong communication between teachers, students, parents, and candidates. Our application has been used by so many big schools all over India. By using e-school ERP software, you can manage admissions, the Biometric Attendance System, admission inquiries, registration, fees, online exams, offline exams, classroom behaviour management, story sharing, portfolio sharing, timetables, lesson plans, academics, learning, school accounting, a GPS transportation tracking system, library operations, id card generation, Admid card generation, marksheet printing, the Academic Progress Report, the academic school calendar, school events, and many more. e-school ERP provides a full-fledged (HR) human resource module to manage the staff payroll and employee pay slips. The comprehensive accounts module helps you plan and assign different fee structures to students. The e-School ERP System is also an excellent collaboration tool, task management, live or virtual classes, e-learning, online assignments, and other features. It also provides a school's internal messaging system within the e-school ERP, but you can also integrate it with external communication tools like payment APIs, email, and bulk message APIs. to find out more about the school's ERP system.

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Your E - SCHOOL!

A One - Stop Solution for all the Academic & Administration needs. We provide to you a Simple, Powerful, and Affordable tool with over 25+ comprehensive modules.

Front Office

For all reception/front office related activities like enquiries, calls, visitors, postal receive/dispatch.

Student Information

For all the information related to student like student profile, student admission, student history.

Fees Collection

For all the details related to student fees collection, fees master creation, fees dues, fees reports.

Income & Expense

For all the income other than fees collection can be manage here like add income, search income.


For managing student and staff attendance and attendance report for student and staff.

Bus & Transport

For managing transportation service like routes, bus, driver, assign gps device, timetable and their fares.

Homework & Evaluation

Teachers can give homework here and further evaluate them by student with submission date.

Examinations & Result

For managing all the exams conducted by school like create exam, schedule, marks entry & grade.

Academic Master

For managing all the parameters / master data required to run school like classes, sections, subjects.

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The Ultimate School ERP Solution for Modern Schools

As technology advances at a rapid pace in our modern, digital era, it is critical to implement new technologies across multiple industries. In any school, managing, the school's daily operations can be a hectic task. ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is commonly used to help schools manage their day-to-day operations. Basically School management software is used to manage all the academic as well as administrative tasks and processes of the schools in a constructive manner. Because there are numerous departments in schools that require specialized knowledge, all school tasks can be managed by a single school management-based ERP. Admissions management, attendance management, assessment management, fees collection and accounting management, attendance tracking, examination management, classroom behavior, a timetable and lesson plan, inventory and asset management, homework and assignments, an e-learning system, and live or virtual learning are few of the major things in the school’s administration. All these hectic tasks can be fulfilled by e-school ERP, "A One Stop School Automation."

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Integrated school ERP solutions to meet your school's needs

With e-School ERP, you can make communication with students, teachers, and parents instantaneous and have a variety of options to make communication effective for parents from different regions.The application has a Teacher’s Calendar with a proper lesson plan, class and event schedule, and their status, which the concerned authorities may view at any given point in time for any teacher teaching any class, Our e-School ERP allows the school to generate and print customized report cards based on their requirements. We are not stopping here, but our ERP application is also capable of easing solutions for collecting fees, can set and send overdue fee reminders in an automated way, and manages fee concession and discount approval processes. The application may also provide an easy platform for managing homework and assignments for the students. The application can also be used to track assets, products, and inventory management for a variety of school products, such as computers, books, school dresses, diaries, and so on. Moreover, our school ERP system is competent at managing various information systems, including the teacher and other staff information systems and the student information systems, through which the school can fully manage staff attendance as well as student attendance and all the various activities of the school.

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Available features & and functionality that you want for your school

In today's world, running and managing a school is a difficult task. There is a lot of paperwork that goes on every single day. You must maintain every management position and have complete control over every important department. Every school requires an automated management system to manage and moderate all their daily data, fees, income, expenses, and all other transactions, as well as all school academic and administrative activities. What is an e-school ERP system? A e-school ERP system is software that automates the whole school's academic and administrative tasks and can also store, analyze, manage, and supervise data. It also helps with proper school operations and effective internal communication, all while maintaining transparency. For example, an e-school ERP system will manage the data related to their students. which might include the results of students, fees paid and pending by students, classroom behavior of students, homework and assignments, attendance, and many more.

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Amazing Support System: What Every School Needs

School management software that lacks even the most basic customer service attracts a slew of complaints and drives away customers.It’s because the basic foundation of the entire industry is not only developing, selling, or providing an application but also putting more focus on dealing with management and providing proper customer support. So whether you’re a small school, a new school, or a huge school, whoever is looking for school automation ERP can be assured that we will provide a tremendous support system via physical visits, online chat, via remote (Anydesk, Teamviewer, Zoom, Google Meet), etc. We have a reliable customer team that guarantees that each of your requests will be fulfilled. In the education industry, providing ERP software and guiding them on how to operate e-school ERP strategies are not enough. You must guide, train offline and online, and continue until they have learned accurately. Because my main strength in satisfying my clients is my customer support system, we always do our best to provide an effective support system to my clients, as I am well aware that it is very important and also key to success in the industry.

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Leading the Way to Making Your School Successful

School owners and principals frequently oppose or ignore a critical set of issues in their school. We can see that the growing number of successful schools always implement new technologies, influence achievement through the technology, and implement it in an effective manner. They take specific step to begin resolving issues, which can save time, streamline all school activities, and automate the entire school process; at other times, it takes administrators, teachers, students, and management skills. The classroom behavior activity in this instructional module is designed to give teachers options for creating background knowledge and information for students. The school management ERP system is very necessary for any kind of school, as are the management skills required for school administration. teachers to begin improving their personal approaches to student behavior. Posting, sharing, discussing, and reacting to each class story, portfolio, or personal message with parents provides opportunities to focus attention on improving any student's performance as well as a strong point to win the trust of parents, as we know parent satisfaction is key point to the success of any school. solutions.

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A dedicated support team is available.24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our dedicated and highly experienced support team, as well as our friendly and trained school software support team, are always available to assist you.Their advice is available not only over the phone but also via remote access to your system, email, text, and WhatsApp chat.

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Fully customizable school ERP as per your requirements

First We'd like to highlight our expertise in developing customized software, as well as the fact that we're the only company that develops school management software that allows you to customize all of its modules and apps. In other words, the e-school ERP will accommodate the needs of the school.

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fully safe and secure software, and your data is fully secured.

We can assure you that we can provide you with the most secure school management ERP software and guarantee the safety of your data through our coding and testing using various testing tools. You may feel safe knowing their data is safe on a cloud server.

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